How To Choose The Right Makeup Brush

It might seem simple, but if you are not a professional makeup artist with the proper training, it will be difficult and challenging shopping for makeup brushes. It is not something to be ashamed of because there are hundreds of brushes in the makeup stores. They come in different styles and handles for various work. An average woman will at the end of the day be confused on which is the best for her.

Tips for choosing the right makeup brush

Consider if you use regular cosmetics or mineral makeup

zasdfxbEach of the two beauty products uses different type of brushes. Finding brushes for regular cosmetics is easy. This is because they are more popular, and a large number of women use them. With the knowledge of the type of products you use, it will be easy purchasing the right brush. You should have at least one of the following brushes, eye shadow brush, foundation brush, blow brush, lip brush, and powder brush. You can also grab yourself a concealer and eyeshadow brush if you want to create a smoky eyebrow look.

Quality of brush

After deciding on the brush to buy, it is important to check the quality of the brush. Consider the material making up the brush. Some are made from wood and others metal. Go for the colors you love. Some like bright colors while others prefer dull. If you are on a budget, you can go for brushes with plastic handles, but they will not last longer compared to wood handled. Another thing to check is the quality of bristles, watch out if some have fallen out. If you realize that the one you had chosen fell bristles, get a different one.

Synthetic hair or animal hair

dxfcvsdfgbSome individuals are allergic to animal hairs while others cannot stand synthetic hairs. You must know where you fall. If you are allergic to animal hair, then you should purchase synthetic and vice versa. Some individuals cannot use animal hair brushes because they believe animals are cruel. The choice is personal and completely up to you to decide. Do not go and buy any brush you come across. The aim of makeup is to enhance your beauty if you choose a brush that gives you the opposite it will be a double loss. The tips above will help you in deciding what is best for you.