The market today is filled with many different types of designer handbags. It can be tricky choosing the right one for you. You might think that any bag is good for you, but no, depending on body sizes, each needs to carry a particular type of handbag.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right handbag for you

Body type is key when deciding on which bag to buy. Are you slender, tall or plus size? At all times the handbag you wear must compliment your body size.

Let us look at classifications of handbags

sdxcvsxgfgbhShoulder bag

As the name indicates, shoulder bags should be worn on the shoulders. They are large and come in different shapes.

Handheld bag

This type of bag has straps and handles that can only be held in the hand. They are small and in most cases used for strolling and fashion.


This type of bag has two straps, and it is used by students to carry school appliances and books. The two straps on the back leave the hands free for other activities and balances the weight.

Tote bag

They are big and majorly used for casual purposes. Their causality makes them ideal for daily use. Tote bags are carried on the elbow.


cfdsghdbnA clutch is small in size and held in the hand. Majorly for purposes of fashion and style. They do not have handles or straps. You will see ladies carrying them for nightclubs and parties.For slim and tall ladies, large or oversized bags will look good on you. This is because they will compliment your body. Shoulder bags, clutches will also make you look good. If you are short, you will do yourself justice by carrying small bags. Large bags will make you look awkward and over balanced. Always carry small bags and should be close to your body. For plus size girls, larger and wider bags will make you look good. Small bags with short straps is a big no for you.

If you are blessed with an hourglass figure, wear medium sized handbags hanging on your waistline. They totally compliment your figure. The article has clearly indicated different types of bags and where to carry them. Also, it has advised which bag to carry considering your body type. Carrying the right handbag says a lot about your sense of fashion and style.