Let your fiancée wear the most fashionable engagement ring

One of the most exciting parts of getting engaged is naturally the ring! Of course, it is the prospect of marrying your dream guy that is the most important part of engagement, but most women would agree that the fabulous ring is a close second. Before you start shopping for the perfect engagement ring, check out these latest trends. You can also Click here for you to see the different designs.

Selecting an engagement ring

An engagement ring is a “forever” piece of jewelry, so it should always suit the taste and style of the woman above all else. That said, it is fun to choose a ring which is stylish and interesting, rather than the same old solitaire your mom and dad had. Start by thinking about your style or the style of your fiancée. If you gravitate towards vintage details like crystal chandelier earrings, you will adore an engagement ring with a step cut diamond, such as an Asscher or Emerald cut.


The emerald cut is very crisp and has a marvelous Art Deco flair; play it up by designing a ring with a pair of spectacular half-moon rubies flanking the emerald cut diamond, all set in platinum. The square step cut Asscher is often seen surrounded by glittering pave diamonds. It is a fabulous effect which plays up the sparkle of the center stone while also making it appear larger in size. A win-win, for sure!

Colorful gems:

Colorful gems are in style for a fiancée who wants an engagement ring as creative and unique as she is. Pink and yellow diamonds are hot, as are pink and yellow sapphires, which are considerably more affordable than the diamonds. The colored stones are sometimes used in combination for an even more creative expression. Contrast can help to play up the hue of the gems, which is why you might find yellow sapphires set in rose gold. This is a great engagement ring style for someone who always likes to be different in her fashion choices. Just make sure that you will enjoy an offbeat ring for the long term before making the investment.

Solitaires Engagement ring:

Solitaires are the most traditional engagement ring design, and they remain popular year in and year out. The trend in diamond solitaires these days is settings with an interesting detail, such as a twisted band or a criss-cross design on the side of the mounting. Low settings, which place the gem close to the finger, are fashionable and also very practical. They are much more wearable for the woman with an active lifestyle than a very high prong set diamond solitaire. If you like the style of clean and classic crystal earrings or simple pearl strands, one of the new solitaires might just be perfect for you.

Rough cut diamonds:

hgdd4Rough cut diamonds are an emerging trend for fashionable engagement rings right now. They are a far cry from the “perfection” of a traditional round brilliant diamond and are an intriguing choice for the woman who prefers rustic artisan jewelry. Often found with darker colored diamonds, the rough cut gems work especially well in bezel settings with a hand-hammered finish. Everything about them has a handcrafted appearance. Consider a rough cut diamond if you love the arts, have a Gothic flair, or only want an engagement ring unlike any of your friends’ rings.

Lastly, jewelry is a very personal choice, and there is no right or wrong, as long as you pick a style which you love. The engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry which your fiancée will ever own, so it is worth the time to shop around for a ring which speaks to you. With the perfect ring in hand, how could his/her answer be anything but, “Yes, I will marry you!” So let your fiancée wear the most fashionable engagement ring.