Choosing the Right Mason Pearson Brush for Your Hair

Brushing of hair is one of the most pleasurable activities. Hairbrushes are not created equally. Moreover, every brush is designed for a certain hair type. Having a mason pearson hairbrush will make your hair more beautiful, lustrous and healthy. Mason person brushes have been in existence since 1885. They have been found to be very effective in distributing natural oils onto the hair. These are the oils that are produced by the scalp.

These brushes are made using natural bristles, and a cured rubber cushion. Their handles are either made of nylon cellulose acetate. This has made them one of the best tools for efficient and effective glooming of the hair. The brushes’ pneumatic cushion is well-designed to ensure that it conforms to head of the user. Its bristles can penetrate the scalp easily making the hair brushing process more effective and efficient.

Finding the right hairbrush

Mason Pearson brushes are suited for various hair lengths and types. You should choose atoll of the correct size. This will make it comfortable and easy to use. These tools come in different colours that you can choosemason pearson hairbrush from. The following are the main factors that you need to consider when choosing a hairbrush.

Your hair type

Every person is interested in having a healthy and a beautiful hair. Nature mainly determines its growth rate, texture, and natural elasticity. The other qualities depend on how often and how well you use your tool.

  • For short type, you should use a short brush
  • For the long type, you should use the large brushes
  • All boar bristle brush is used for those who have fine and normal type

Choice of colour

These tools come in different handles that are very attractive. They range from ivory white, dark ruby, pink, pink hairbrush white, or blue. Both dark ruby and ivory white are mainly used by people who prefer tolls that do not have handles. They ales offer medium and large sized light wood backs on request.

Size of the brush

The size of the tool chosen mainly depends on the user’s hand size. Ideally, you should go for a tool that can be held easily and comfortably. Medium, large, pocket and handy are the main sizes preferred by ladies. Men prefer medium and large tools that have no handles (military style). Mason Pearson has also produced a pocket-size tool meant for young kids. It is a brand that has become very popular.

Buying Guide For A Complete Vested Suits

Standing out in a crowd will be if you have the best-fitted suit vest and this is possible if only you go the right vest. Buying a vested suit is not that of an easy thing, and if you make a simple mistake, then you may end up going home with the wrong vested suit. There is nothing that will frustrate someone if they try on a suit the next day only to find out that they got the wrong one. The only thing that will help you out not to make a mistake is if you have the best guidelines that will assist in making the decision. Below is a buying guide when you are buying a complete 3 piece suit.

Good vest fit


The vest that will come with the suit should be the best fit like when you are buying the suit if you have no idea of what to look for so that you should know if the fit if correct. For the vest in the suit to be considered the best fit then it should be long enough but not that long it should just cover your waist. And for the dress shirt, it should be showing between the belts. For the back of the vest and the sides, it will be showing a little of the shirt, just ensure that underneath the vest the shirt fits perfectly.

The occasion

When you are buying the vest for that suit, then consider the event that you are planning to wear it to. There are best when they are worn to black tie events that are formal. Ensure that the vest will have lapels because it will make the vested suit look more official and the fabric that will make the labels should be the same one as that of the tie. If you are more of a person that wants more color to the suit, then the vest should be the only pieces of the suit that should be colored.

How to wear


When you are buying the vested suit, then you will be confused about what to buy, and the colors to get. For the vested suit, it should be the same color as the rest of the suit and the necktie should accompany the suit. Don’t go for an extensive color because it will look to informal for the three piece suit. A vest on its own it’s becoming trendy nowadays you can just rock the vest with a pair of jeans and still look good.